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Labor Certification

Proposal for permanent residence application (green card) through FAST TRACK (also known as REDUCTION IN RECRUITMENT "RIR")

A. Procedure and Estimated Time Frame
(strictly subject to INS and other government agencies' processing time):

1. Labor Certification :
Six Months of recruitment effort as follows:

Month 1 - 2

Contract with Recruitment Agencies and job posting in the company web site

Month 3 - 4

Job Advertisements in the local newspaper
(We will draft the advertisement and place the advertisements and bill the employer)

Month 5 - 6

Internet Job Postings & Job Posting at company's Premises

Month 6

File Labor Certification Application with Employment Development Department
after getting results of recruitment

2. Immigrant petition (I-140)

Month 7 - 8

Obtain Approval for labor certification and file I-140 petition

Month 9 - 11

Obtain approval for Permanent Residence Application and file Adjustment of Status Application (I-485 application)

3.Adjustment of Status (I-485)

Month 12

Receive fingerprint notification to Month 24 from INS and obtain approval for Adjustment of Status  for Permanent residence status

B. Fees and Costs:
Will be quoted on a case-by-case basis

Costs (Estimate only and will be billed as incurred):

Breakdown as follows:
Advertisements: $200.00-$800.00
Filing costs for I-140 $ 115.00
I-485 $ 220.00 per applicant
I-765 $ 100.00 per applicant
I-131 $ 95.00 per applicant
Fingerprint: $ 25.00
Medical checkup: $ 200.00
Photographs: $ 20.00

C. Documents needed:

I. To be prepared by DEBORAH CHEW & ASSOCIATES:

  1. G-28 (notice of attorney representation);
  2. Forms ETA-750A and 750B (labor certification application);
  3. Submittal letter from employer;
  4. Specific Job Advertisement, job interview notes, advertising efforts and employer's statement of recruitment efforts.

II. Copy of Documents and /or information to be provided by Employer

  1. Articles of Incorporation.
  2. Corporate profile or brochure showing products.
  3. Tax return for most recent filing year or Annual Return (This document need not be submitted if the company wishes to keep the financial information of the company confidential except that the company must be able to show its ability to pay the salary of the Employee and may be asked by INS to produce this document at anytime).
  4. Contracts with recruitment agencies, if any.
  5. Organizational chart of company.
  6. All advertisements in local newspapers, trade journals or internet postings for job openings within the last six months.
  7. All documents and information filed in prior labor certifications for similar positions, if any, including Department of Labor approval letters.
  8. Federal Tax Identification Number.
  9. State Tax Identification Number.
  10. Employer's Quarterly Tax Returns for the last four (4) quarters.
  11. Gross and net income of the company.
  12. Employee's job title and description of duties.
  13. Contract with Employee, if any.
  14. Current salary and projected salary of Employee in three years.
  15. Name and title of person signing all forms and letters
  16. Name and title and email address of person coordinating on recruitment
  17. Company's web site address.

III.Copy of Documents to be provided by EMPLOYEE:
  1. Passport, every stamped page of Employee, spouse and children.
  2. I-94, front and back.
  3. All previously approved visa applications, including supporting letters, forms and INS approval letter (Form I-797).
  4. Evaluation report and credentials of evaluator, if any.
  5. All degrees, courses attended and transcripts of courses attended for attainment of the degree.
  6. Dates of attendance at same educational institutions (month and year), including date of graduation.
  7. Resume detailing entire work history in U.S., including dates of employment (months and year), location (including company address) and description of job duties.
  8. License, if any.
  9. Social security number.
  10. Current Residential address and phone number in U.S. and overseas residential address.
  11. Address in the last five (5) years.
  12. Copy of Employment Authorization Card, if any.
  13. Copy of I-120, if any.
  14. Letter of offer of employment, if any.
  15. Letters from prior employers certifying work experience, if any (We can draft this letter if necessary).
  16. Birth and marriage certificates of Employee, spouse and children.
  17. Tax returns for the last two (2) years filed overseas or in the United States.
All foreign language document must be translated into English. The translation can be made by anyone proficient in the languages and the following certification must be included at the bottom of the page of each document translated - "I, _______, am proficient in the _____ [foreign] language and English and hereby certify under the penalty of perjury that the above is an accurate summary of the translation of the _________[name of document].

We can facilitate translation of any foreign document through our agents at reasonable rates.

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